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I'm not real happy with UserVoice nor GetSatisfaction at the moment. I actually have had users telling me that they really don't like these services for feedback as they are "too complicated."

From what I gather from more prodding, they want a simpler method to just click a widget on the page (like the tab widget for UserVoice), but then to simply enter feedback or support and submit it without having to login or click through options, etc.

I have to agree that I've not been thrilled with these services so far on multiple levels.

What other, more simple, options exist that may be in the same widget like realm or simply have a lightbox submission approach? Open source or free would be preferred, but certainly not essential. I'm just wanting something better at the moment that still has many of the same elements that these services bring to the table.

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Take a look at Zendesk. I'm really happy with their product's simplicity and you can have a widget on the page for submitting feedback.

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I'm not really seeing how Zendesk has enough feedback capacity to really compare with GetSatisfaction and UserVoice. Isn't it more a corrolary to these services? I can see, for example, it working with GetSatisfaction, but not so much UserVoice as they have overlapping domains if I understand them correctly. Etc. – ylluminate Nov 21 '11 at 17:50
Rachel, I looked at ZenDesk a bit more after stumbling across an implementation of their Feedback widget today. Hitherto I'd not clearly seen their widget as an offering (heck, I couldn't see it existed at all until this), but it is indeed hidden in the Channels area and it is nice. It's certainly the simplest option out of all the competition. While it's not as pretty, it's much easier to give open ended feedback or support requests. So far after passing it in front of some users this is the most liked solution. Quite surprising, but I thought I'd return here and share the experience. – ylluminate Nov 23 '11 at 3:26

For the record, UserVoice doesn't require profile set up, just an email address. However, if you do have a profile with us we will ask for your password. That said, I'd love to learn more about how your customers are perceiving this experience...there's always more we can do to improve.

Evan Hamilton - Community Manager, UserVoice

evan at uservoice dot com

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Hi Evan, we tried to give some of this feedback before and were essentially referred to use the UserVoice feedback system itself to give feedback. While I understand why this was suggested, it was a hassle that we knew would never really receive enough attention in sufficient time. So we had to abandon it for our FAQ and now probably ultimately support, etc. The sad thing is that some attention to details and refinements would get it situated, but it seems to sit on it's laurels presently from our impressions. – ylluminate Nov 12 '11 at 8:14
I was able to get a little more feedback from Dejana and appreciated her looking into our concerns a little more after we'd already changed our minds. Ultimately none of the solutions I've seen so far really are spot on with regards to the right mix of tools vs simplicity. – ylluminate Nov 23 '11 at 3:05
UserVoice backend and frontent for feedback (i didn't test helpdesk), are looking somewhat empty and like missing something. Another thing is UserVoice API, even GetSatisfaction with their horrible interface does have an API that's really easy to use. No authentication, simple xml/json methods. And what we have with UserVoice - stupid oAuth authentication, 2 level of api access (one of these wants your money). Pfft, who needs this crap? – user1012851 Nov 23 '11 at 5:16

I thought I'd throw up another option here that I'd oddly forgotten about, which is I had vowed years ago to give them a shot, but now when I visited their site / offering they were not in line price wise for competitive consideration. I actually laughed at their video. They sure spent a lot of money saying only one thing: feedback is money. While that's true, it gives no value proposition as to why they potentially could be better than anyone else that is nearly an order of magnitude cheaper.

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Mandatory disclosure first: I co-founded WebEngage.

Give WebEngage ( a go. It not only lets you collect feedback, but also lets you conduct in-site short targeted surveys. The dashboard gives you easy access to all the data collected on your website and has a powerful analytics and reporting module.

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