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Facebook removes parameters from url that I used to send using facebook send button.

I have tested my url in there also this same problem exists. I have checked with encoded url, but still the problem exists.enter image description here

Check attached screenshot of debug result

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Look at the bottom of the debug result screenshot you added - it's showing that when accessing there was

  • a HTTP 301 redirect to
  • a canonical URL redirect from there to -

The final URL in the chain is and this is the one the tags are read from

I tested manually and got this too: <link rel='canonical' href='' /> Set the canonical URL either there or in the og:url meta tag to be the URL you want the likes/comments/etc to be attributed to and the meta tags to be read from

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But when I tried with this url there was no redirection as you said. But the result was same as previous. I have placed multiple urls like this with send button in same page. So how could I use og:url with these in the same page?? – Arun Nov 10 '11 at 9:47
set the og:url to the URL whose tags you want read, and make sure that that page returns the right tags, you probably want to have an og:url tag of and the meta tags for gift '2' – Igy Nov 10 '11 at 10:39

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