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i am inserting some data to an salesforce object named as Application__c from php using Soapclient. After connection successfull, i have written following code

$applications = array();
    $updateFields = array();

                if($_POST['savingsAccountBankName'] != ''){
                    $updateFields['savings_account_bank_name__c']= $_POST['savingsAccountBankName'];
if($_POST['AutoMake'] != ''){
                    $updateFields['Auto_make__c']= $_POST['AutoMake'];
                if($_POST['AutoLicense'] != ''){
                    $updateFields['Auto_license__c']= $_POST['AutoLicense'];
$sObject = new sObject();
            $sObject->type = 'Application__c';
            $sObject->fields = $updateFields;
            array_push($applications, $sObject);

            try {
                $results = $sforceClient->create($applications,'Application__c');
                foreach ($results as $result)
                    $errMessage = $result->errors->message;
                    echo $errMessage;
            } catch (Exception $e) {
                echo 'Salesforce Upsert Error. Please try again later.';
                echo '<pre>';
                echo '</pre>';

i am getting error "Trying to get property of non-object" at line "$errMessage = $result->errors->message;". What is the problem?


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Either result or errors is not an object. What does sforceClient->create() return? Basically, $results should be an array of objects which have errors property which is again an object with message property. –  abhinav Nov 10 '11 at 7:24
What php tells you is that either $result is not an object or $result->errors is not an object. Since this a SOAP thingy, it's possible that $result->errors is actually an array that holds message objects. Try var_dump($result); var_dump($result->errors); to see with what your are dealing with; –  Yannis Nov 10 '11 at 7:26

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Be aware that $result is an array..

Try this :

if (!isset($result[0]->success) || ($result[0]->success!=1)) {             

    $strErrCode = isset($result[0]->errors[0]->statusCode)?
    $strErrMsg = isset($result[0]->errors[0]->message)?
                       $result[0]->errors[0]->message:'Error Trying to insert';
    $arrResult = array(
                       'errorCode' => $strErrCode,
                       'errorMsg' => $strErrMsg,
                       'id' => '',
    error_log( 'Error Trying to insert  - [' . $strErrMsg . '] - [' . $strErrCode . ']');   
if (isset($result[0]->success) && ($result[0]->success==1)) {               
    $arrResult = array(
                       'errorCode' => 'SUCCESS_INSERT',
                       'errorMsg'  => 'Insert Success',
                       'id'        => isset($result[0]->id)?$result[0]->id:'1',

     error_log( 'Success insert - [' . (isset($result[0]->id)?$result[0]->id:'1') . ']');
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This means that whatever $results contains, it is not an object. Try doing a var_dump() on the variable $results and see what is actually in there. Then you can properly reference it.

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$results = $sforceClient->create($applications,'Application__c'); print_r($results); its showing output as stdClass Object ( [id] => a0DZ00000008dUOMAY [success] => 1 ) Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in D:\xampp\htdocs\bakul_project\insertToApp.php on line 287 –  user989184 Nov 10 '11 at 7:34
No. var_dump($results) –  Sinthia V Nov 10 '11 at 7:36
object(stdClass)#7 (2) { ["id"]=> string(18) "a0DZ00000008dUTMAY" ["success"]=> bool(true) } Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in D:\xampp\htdocs\bakul_project\insertToApp.php on line 289 –  user989184 Nov 10 '11 at 7:39

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