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When we use dataprovider of testng, we will tiger test in following order:

assume: dataprovider provide { [0], [1], [2]}

we get

test1(0) test1(1) test1(2)

test2(0) test2(1) test2(2) ...

Is there anyway to trigger test by order:

test1(0) test2(0)

test1(1) test2(1)

test1(2) test2(2) ....

A thousand thanks for help~!

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<suite group-by-instances="true">
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Many thanks Cedric! I found you answer in github.com/cbeust/testng/issues/74 I was using testng V6.2, so update to V6.4 in first place. and I need to add @Factory to meet above request. Finally, I got it work~ Many thanks~!! –  susantjs Nov 11 '11 at 3:33
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