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Do you know any examples, screencasts that document how to develop with support package r4 on "mono for android" ?

I would like to develop a tiny any number views and I'm searching for the proper way to code it, and how include support package?

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You can include the support package in your app by adding the .jar to your Project and settings its build action to AndroidJavaSource. That just leaves actually using the package, which largely comes down to some form of JNI. Subclassing is currently more easily done from Java (you can also include .java files into your project, and set their build action to AndroidJavaSource), allowing you to use JNIEnv to interact with your custom Java code.

A future release will simplify things by allowing .jar files to be bound for easy consumption from C#, but that is still being worked on.

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thanks jonp. I find this ans mono-for-android.1047100.n5.nabble.com/… –  Alexadnr Nov 11 '11 at 15:43

The support package is written in Java, so unless someone ported it to C#, you won't find any. The support/compatibility package comes with source, so you could port the parts you need.

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