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I try learn PlayN, after creating Maven Project and adding dependency to pom.xml

enter code here

I use classes from tripleplay library for menu system, such as showed in Showcase demo project. When run project as Java application all ok, but when run as html application I got errors like this

ant.bat run-html

.... [java] Failed to get JNode [java] at [java] at [java] at [java] at [java] at$300( [java] at$BuildDeclMapVisitor.visit( [java] at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.ast.FieldDeclaration.traverse( [java] at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.ast.TypeDeclaration.traverse( [java] at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.ast.CompilationUnitDeclaration.traverse( [java] at [java] at [java] at [java] at [java] at [java] at [java] at [java] at [java] at [java] at [java] at$ [java] at [java] at [java] at [java] [ERROR] <no source info>: public class tripleplay.ui.Interface [java] extends java.lang.Object [java] /* fields */ [java] public final [unresolved] playn.core.Pointer.Listener plistener [java] public final [unresolved] playn.core.Keyboard.Listener klistener [java] protected final [unresolved] playn.core.Pointer.Listener _delegate [java] protected final [unresolved] Unresolved type react.Value<playn.core.Keyboard.Listener> _focused [java] protected final [unresolved] List<Unresolved type tripleplay.ui.Root> _roots [java] protected final [unresolved] List<Unresolved type tripleplay.ui.Root> _dispatch [java] protected final [unresolved] List<Unresolved type java.lang.Runnable> _actions what wrong? Thanks

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It's strange that the GWT compiler would crash, rather than generating a normal error message. But it looks like you need to add the tripleplay GWT module to your GWT project.

In your game you'll have a file that's named something like:


In that file, you need to add:

<inherits name="tripleplay.TriplePlay"/>

That will let GWT know that it can and should use the TriplePlay source code when compiling things to JavaScript.

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Thanks! It's helped me – Oleg Gelezcov Nov 10 '11 at 18:36
I tried this but am now getting " GWT Module tripleplay.TriplePlay not found in project sources or resources. " I do see the tripleplay-1.8.5.jar in Libraries>MavenDependancys so I am not sure why it cant find it. I tried cleaning/maven cleaning/rebuilding and what not but always the same. :-/ – darkflame Jun 14 '14 at 20:59

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