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I wonder what the ">>=" operator in C# does. Can anyone tell me?

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It's the right-shift assignment operator. From MSDN:

An expression of the form

x >>= y

is evaluated as

x = x >> y

except that x is only evaluated once. The >> operator shifts x right by an amount specified by y.

>>= Operator (C# Reference)

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x >>= y is the same as doing x = x >> y

It's just like += but with bit shifting operators.

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>>= is a bitshift to the "right". e.g. you have a integer variable containing the value 4. It is coded in binary 100. After the operation i >>= 1 the variable contains the value 2 (coded in binary 10).

 int i = 4;
 i >>= 1;
 // i is 2 now
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"x >>= y" is equivalent to "x = x >> y"
see also:

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x>>=y is just a shorter way of x = x >> y... You shift x for y bit to the right.

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Like C,

x >>= y

is the same as:

x = x >> y

This is similar to all the other op= operators like += and /=. The >> operator is bit shifting to the right.

For example, the variable x with decimal value 5010 (in binary, 0011001010) can be bit-shifted two bits right with:

x >>= 2

and it will become 000011002, or 1210.

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