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Which IPC mechanisms require a GUI application ? Windows platform.


The following IPC mechanisms are supported by Windows:



Data Copy


File Mapping




Windows Sockets

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Depends on what you mean by 'GUI application' - none of these technically require to have a GUI present; though some may require use of hidden HWNDs/windows behind the scenes which in turn may require a thread to run a message loop. (Note that in Windows, a console application can use any win32 API - so the only real distinction between a console app and a win32 app is whether the process gets allocated a console automatically when it starts; otherwise both apps can use the same API set and either create visible windows or not.)

DDE does, from what I remember, rely on messages between windows - so would require a message loop etc. But those windows don't need to be visible, so from a user's point of view, doesn't need to be a GUI application.

COM supports both applications that are message-loop based, and those that are more unix- or server- style multithreaded.

Data Copy - if this is WM_COPYDATA you're referring to, then it does require the recipient to have a HWND (which could be invisible), but not the sender.

The clipboard is typically used with a window, but doesn't require one (OpenClipboard can take a NULL hwnd.)

File Mapping, Mailslots, RPC and Windows Sockets don't require message loops.

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@Hans - that makes sense - have updated answer, thanks! –  BrendanMcK Nov 10 '11 at 23:51

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