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I'm trying to test a private list via the CheckList method in PersistenceSpecification. But I'm not quite getting there. Could anyone help please?


public class Item: Entity<int>
    //values in list are used in later (internal) calculations
    private readonly IList<PurchaseInfo> _purchaseInfo = new List<PurchaseInfo>();
    public virtual string SupplierCode {get; set;}


   public class ItemMap: ClassMap<Item>
       public ItemMap()

           Id(u => u.Id).Column("ITEMNR").GeneratedBy.Assigned(); 
           Map(u => I.SupplierCode).Column("SUPPLIERNR");

Test (this is how I'm trying to do it currently)

    public void CanMapItem()
        new PersistenceSpecification<Item>(Session)
            .CheckProperty(a => a.Id, 1234)
            .CheckProperty(a => a.SupplierCode, "S01")
            .CheckList<Item, PurchaseInfo>(Reveal.Member<Item>("_purchaseInfo"), new List<PurchaseInfo>
                                                                        new PurchaseInfo()
                                                                                ItemNr = 1234,
                                                                                SupplierCode = "S01"
                                                                        new PurchaseInfo()
                                                                                ItemNr = 1234,
                                                                                SupplierCode = "S02"

The compiler complains that CheckList expects as first argument

System.Linq.Expressions.Expression<System.Func<Item, System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<PurchaseInfo>>

while Reveal.Member returns

System.Linq.Expressions.Expression<System.Func<Item, object>>
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Reveal.Member has 2 overloads, one common and one special. use the special one:

.CheckList<Item, PurchaseInfo>(Reveal.Member<Item, IEnumerable<PurchaseInfo>>("_purchaseInfo"),
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