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I put unsuccessfully Zsh installed by MacPorts as my login shell by setting the following path to Settings


I put it to the Advanced options at the User accounts too. I get the following error alt text

I put the following path unsuccessfully to Settings


I get the following error when I start my shell again

login: /opt/local/var/macports/software/zsh/4.2.7_0+mp_completion: Permission denied

[Process completed]

How can you activate your Zsh as a login shell?

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As Norbert says, I think the answer is in /etc/shells. Mine has this:

# List of acceptable shells for chpass(1).
# Ftpd will not allow users to connect who are not using
# one of these shells.


Add /opt/local/bin/zsh to that list, and you should be fine. You should then be able to change the shell (individually for each user) using chsh.

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I find out that Mac has by default Zsh 4.3.4. The one installed by MacPorts is the version 4.2.7. - - My initial problem was to have tab completions for all programs. Note that you can have tab completions without using MacPorts' Zsh by putting the following to your .zshrc: autoload -U compinstall. It finally solved my problem. –  Masi Apr 30 '09 at 18:02

Did you enter the shell into /etc/shells. It seems that Mac OS manages the valid shells in there. I can't tell exactly because I'm not on Mac

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I know this question was marked answered, but


is not even an executable file in macports. That's why you got the error. Shells must be executable.

You wanted to set your shell to /opt/local/bin/zsh .

This worked for me both in Leopard and in snow leopard. OSX does not actually use /etc for configuration management, it uses NetInfo ( Leopard ) and now it uses Directory Services ( Snow Leopard) . You wanted to set that in by right clicking on your user in System Preferences > Accounts,( S.L.) or by using Netinfo Manager (Leopard)


Snow Leopard: sudo dscl . -create /Users/chiggsy UserShell /opt/local/bin/zsh

(create creates or updates )

EDIT: Please picture me covered in foul, stinking shame. I'm using iTerm, and changing the shell in my account worked flawlessly. In Terminal, I got the same result as the OP, and fixed it by editing /etc/shells. Now, it seems to me that I should not be able to bypass the /etc/shells restriction by simply using a 3rd party terminal, but it seems that is the case.

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iTerm didn't change your login shell or bypass /etc/shells in any way. It just set your preference for which shell iTerm runs. –  graywh Sep 27 '10 at 14:40

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