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I consuming my servicestack using EXE project (startup task for azure application) in that i have copied following servicestack's dll & some Azure's dlls in to EXE project.


When i build this EXE project then Azure dlls will be bundled with my EXE but servicestack's dll will not be bundled with EXE, because to run my EXE on any machine i need to copy all servicestack's dll manually.

I have used this servicestack's dll to use

JsonServiceClient client = new JsonServiceClient(servicepath);

What should i have to do to bundled all these dlls in to my EXE?

Thanks in Advance.

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You have several options:


  • use some tool like SmartAssembly (commercial)
    it can embed and merge among other things (no need to change your source code)


  • code that yourself in less than 10 lines (free but minimal source code change)
    mark all needed dependencies as "embedded resource" - this way they are included in the EXE file... you need to setup an AssemblyResolve handler which at runtime reads from Resources and returns the needed DLLs to the .NET runtime...
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The tool you are looking for is called ILMerge . It is a command line tool and can be used like this:

ilmerge /target:winexe /out:MyApp.exe 
        MyExe.exe ServiceStack.dll ServiceStack.Interfaces.dll ServiceStack.ServiceInterface.dll  ServiceStack.Text.dll

There is also an article that describes how to include ILMerge into your VS project setup here

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