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I have a problem with the acts_as_soft_deletable plugin and a has_and_belongs_to_many relationship.

I have a model "Place" which has a couple of Categories (like restaurant, hotel, etc). This means that a table "places_categories" is created in the database, containing two columns "place", and "category".

When I destroy a place, it is placed in the table "deleted_places" by acts_as_soft_deletable. Then I try to restore it and the application crashes because a place cannot exist without categories. The entries in "places_categories" that stored which categories the place belonged to are deleted as the place is deleted.

How can I make sure that "places_categories" does not remove the relations when a place is moved to the "deleted_places" table?

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Since there is no option to explicitly preserve those entries - you could do something crazy and stupid and just override the delete_sql option to an empty String or somethings thats not going to fail on the "database-side" like so:

class Place
    has_and_belongs_to_many :categories, :delete_sql => "select true"

This is untested ! Just an idea.

You can read about all available options here.

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