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I've seen the link Spring Test session scope bean using Junit that shows how to setup Junit to test @Session scoped beans, but how do I set up a Junit test case to test a Spring bean that has a @Session scoped bean @Autowired into it.

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Solution from this link works with your case too. –  MariuszS Jan 30 at 13:37
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If you're testing the behaviour of the spring bean, the easiest way to do this is to mock the object and inject it yourself using ReflectionTestUtils:

class SpringBean {
    @Autowired Other other;

    public void method() {
        // ...

class SpringBeanTest {
   @Test public void testIt() {
       Other other = new Other();
       SpringBean bean = new SpringBean();
       ReflectionTestUtils.setField(bean, "other", other);
       // test it
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