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Image transition

Hi All,

What I am looking for some HTML5 demo or some idea, I need to show some effects like an Image moves and get into other one, it should give me some flash like effect like image going into other (sucked) or some other nice effect.

I have been looking around for some demo (HTML5, JQuery or/and JavaScript) but couldn't find something nicer. I cam across this liberary, but still looking for much. http://raphaeljs.com/analytics.html

Hope I am able to explain my requirement. ;)

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Have a look on following links HTML5ROCKS and DiveIntoHTML

for the next time you post a question on SO try to be more specific about your problem, the solutions you have tried and the problems you are facing... checkout FAQ

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Hi, I tried to explain my requirement, I need to develop something for my UI had to first look at demo, if I would have tried, my question would not have been for demo... :P Any way thanks... As I told above (refer the image please) I need to represent one static image and one dynamic image(moving), and dynamic image should go with animation inside the static one. Actually, idea is to show transition of different documents and image is just representation of it (not necessarily image, can be some pop up moving or anything) but need to show a nice effects. – Raj Nov 10 '11 at 13:56

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