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I am trying to install monitoring tool for Hazelcast. Current I have 3 nodes which are configured but hazelcast monitor shows only one. Here is the configuration am using

</group><port auto-increment="true">5701</port>
         <multicast enabled="false"/>
        <tcp-ip enabled="true">
   <interfaces enabled="false"/>
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First check if the nodes are clustering fine by looking at the logs of each individual node. If they are not clustered then it means your nodes have connection issues; meaning nodes are not able to connect over TCP with the provided hostnames. First try replacing <hostname>node1</hostname> with <interface>node1-IP</interface>. Make sure each node can 'ping' the other nodes and port 5701 is reachable on each node.

If the logs are showing you that the nodes are clustered then obviously monitoring tool have issues. Since monitoring tool is no longer supported by Hazelcast Team, you should use Management Center product instead.

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I am trying to get connection, initially it says INFO: [test] 9001 accepted socket connection from / but later it says Connection refused at Method) at at com.hazelcast.nio.OutSelector$ at com.hazelcast.nio.SelectorBase.processSelectionQueue( at at – Yahiya Nov 29 '11 at 15:34
Looks like one node1 can reach to node2 but node2 cannot reach node1. So check which IP:port each node started on and then see if all these IP:port addresses are reachable from each node. Make sure IPs can ping each other and ports are not used by any other process. – Talip Ozturk Dec 1 '11 at 15:56
Thanks... One more help. I am trying to display map statistics on console. Any idea how to do it ? – Yahiya Dec 13 '11 at 12:37

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