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I have some implicit methods for the creation of a generic tablecolumn (javafx). All works fine on that side:

trait TableColumnTrait[T] {def createColumn(key: String, displayName: String): TableColumn[PricingRow, T]}

followed by for ex..

sealed class PricingStage[PT] extends LoggingTrait {
  implicit object TableColumnString extends TableColumnTrait[String] {
    override def createColumn(key: String, displayName: String): TableColumn[PricingRow, String] = {
      info("createColumn for String (" + key + ", " + displayName + ")")
      new TableColumn[PricingRow, String](displayName)

However, in PricingStage I would like to store the created columns in a map, so that I have declared this:

var columns = Map[String, TableColumn[PricingRow, TableColumn[PricingRow, PT]]]()
  private def createColumn[T: TableColumnTrait](key: String, displayName: String) = {
    val column = implicitly[TableColumnTrait[T]].createColumn(key, displayName)
    columns += key -> column

But the compiler complains:

Description Resource Path Location Type type mismatch; found : javafx.scene.control.TableColumn[org.cobra.client.main.PricingRow,T] required: javafx.scene.control.TableColumn[org.cobra.client.main.PricingRow,javafx.scene.control.TableColumn[org.cobra.client.main.PricingRow,PT]] PricingStage.scala /Cobra/client/org/cobra/client/main line 47 Scala Problem

Any idea?

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Writing var columns = Map[String, TableColumn[PricingRow, _ <: Any]]() fixed the compiler issue, but this is not very nice – jts Nov 10 '11 at 14:23
+1 for using JavaFX, but you might get some more useful responses if you reduce this to a simple example that people without it can understand and try out. In other words, reproduce the problem in terms of Ints and Strings. – Luigi Plinge Nov 10 '11 at 17:58

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