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I store objects of a class in an object array of the same class.

MyClass[] objectsOfMyClass = new MyClass[9];

Now I want to sort in descending order the objects stored in the array according to a numeric property of the objects.

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objectsOfMyClass.OrderByDescending(obj => obj.NumericProperty)

For your information, this is using Linq to objects

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You need OrderByDescending. It will not sort the array but return an IEnumerable that's ordered correctly.

var orderedArray = objectsOfMyClass.OrderByDescending(m => m.MyProperty).ToArray();

The ToArray might not be necessary depending on what you're doing with the result.

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You can use Array.Sort() method overload, which accepts Comparison<T>:

Array.Sort(objectsOfMyClass, (o1, o2) => o2.NumericProperty.CompareTo(o1.NumericProperty));
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