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I am currently working on a project which has a tab control which contains a Wrap panel which contain a series of user controls. I am looking for a way to allow the user to select one user control and maximize it to the size of the tab control/window.

One thought is to simply remove all the other items from the panel.However I am attempting to use MVVM as much as possible and I'm not sure how much the user control should know about the panel. (The user control will contain a button to allow maximizing)

Is there a way to temporarily remove the usercontrol from the grid and treat it like a modal popup or just to fill the window?

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I'll give you a +1 to help get you going. This is a descent enough question. –  Michael Eakins Nov 10 '11 at 13:48

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How about having "Visible" or "Maximized" bool properties in the view model for each user control based item, and databind said user controls Visibility property to the appropriate property. Then bind your user controls maximize/restore button to command in the view model to change the VM properties appropriately?

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