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I have been able to disable tabs in a tab bar using the following helpful tutorial.

This only works for mx tabbar. Does anyone know how to do this for a spark tabbar? I prefer the lnf of the spark one. When I try it with a spark tab bar it just disables the viewstack of the tab and not the actual tab.

An alternative solution may just be to make the mx tab bar look like a spark toolbar with the rounded edges. Any ideas on this?

Many thanks in advance

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Based on this post in the Adobe Forums, How to Disable a tab in a spark tab bar, your best solution seems to be a custom skin. There is also a 'hack' mentioned at the end, that was posted last month.

Give the control you have with the new structure I think the custom skin makes the most sense.

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Thanks Ahillman3. The "hack" worked well. – RNJ Nov 11 '11 at 20:01

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