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While running FQL query for retrieving page like count, i get 0 count for few pages. For most pages count comes fine but for few its always 0

Steps to reproduce:

Hit the following query:,normalized_url,share_count,like_count,comment_count,total_count,commentsbox_count,comments_fbid,click_count+FROM+link_stat+WHERE+url+IN+(select+page_url+from+page+where+page_id+in+(344556287396,127535033990841,77277900503,293373084463))+

Expected Behavior
Correct like count should be returned:
http: // (16,546)
http: // (3,422)

Actual Behavior:
0 count is returned

I have checked with 150 pages, and find that FQL return 0 like count for 50+ pages. Please help me to fix this issue

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This was by design. I was querying links of pages that are on Facebook.

link_stat reflects the interaction of users with a website, e.g. I made to query the page table in order to get the like count and was able to get correct count

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