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I have the following text pattern:

os2v some text openssl-56 test Is Not founded

and need to extract the word before test is not founded i.e in this case :openssl-56

currently I've tried to use this regular expression:

if (m/os2v (\s+) test is NOT founded/i){
    print $1

but why does the code not enter the if statement?

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The obvious problems are that your text doesn't include the word "Update" and \s will match whitespace.

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my typo mistake i updated the question – smith Nov 10 '11 at 13:50

The problem is that you don't get a match since your pattern is incorrect. The following pattern would match and extract openssl-56 for you:

(\S+)(?=\stest Is Not founded)
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Try this one:

m/os2v .*\s([^\s]+) test is NOT founded/i
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Get rid of the space before and after (\s+)

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