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Hi I'm writing an application in Java and I need to know if it is possible to use the Google Maps API. Because this are deprecated, I can only use the javascript APIs

I want to use the already implemented function because I don't know how to replicate them

In particular that is what I need: - I have the coordinates of an address A - I have the size of the map (HxW) - I have a the zoom Z to use - I have a list of M markers to display in the map

I need to have the list of the markers currently visible in the mapview

If I can use the APIs I should use a way like this: I create the map object, I set the center, the size, the zoom. I put all the markers in the map (I think I can load a KML) and then I extract the only markers that are visible in the current map view. This is the main procedure I need to implement, but I have others thing to calculate (like the bounds of the mapview and other stuffs) I'd like to use the Google Maps APIs because those function I need are already implemented, but I don't know if I can do this...

Or maybe I can use a JavaScript Engine to run JS code in Java. But I never used tools like this and (if this solution is correct) I need a guide to use this. I've found Mozilla Rhino in wikipedia but I don't know is what I need

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@ee: Why didn't you post this as an answer? Looks very promising. – Karsten Nov 16 '11 at 20:26

I used to add IE-browser controls into VB desktop applications ... that do support JS evaluation as well.

But maybe it's easier to develop in a real browser first - because all code that interacts with the map needs to be in URL style: "javascript:somefunction(x.y);"

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