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I'm working on application for iOS (iPhone and iPad), and I have a UILabel on my view that displays some text. If the text is too long, UILabel automatically shrink it, for example:

"This is some long text" will display "This is some..."

This behaviour is correct, totally acceptable, and even expected, but I would like to know if the text was shortened or not. Is there any way to find if UILabel has shortened its content?

I need really simple solution, because I would like to use UILabel magic functionality like automatically reducing font size to fit etc. Sometimes the text will be just very long, so I will give user a way to see it all in another view after taping a button. But in the case the text wont be so long, I would like to hide that button to make interface simple. Any idea how to achieve this will be appreciated.

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Ask the label's text it's length at the label's standard font. If that's longer than the label's width, it will be drawn smaller to fit.

CGSize stringSize = [aLabel.text sizeWithFont:aLabel.font];
    if (stringSize.width > aLabel.frame.size.width) {
            // It's drawing the label with a reduced font.
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