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I used to write commit message to connect issue system like issue #9548, redmine start page is fixed, and wonder whether it can be written in hook or plugin in gerrit system.

So in the code review page, the issue #9548 can be automatically show the http link to my issues system (like redmine): => issue#9548,redmine start page is fixed

It will be easily for code review.

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Yes, it is possible. In your Gerrit configuration, you have to provide a regex expression for the string in the commit message and the link to your bugtracker with wildcards. See the Gerrit documentation. For your example, you would have a regex like (issue\s+#?)(\d+)

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thanks, it is exactly what I want –  Larry Cai Nov 11 '11 at 1:52

Yes you can turn the issue tag into a link in Gerrit. Look at the commentlink configuration - http://gerrit-documentation.googlecode.com/svn/Documentation/2.2.0/config-gerrit.html#_a_id_commentlink_a_section_commentlink

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If you use Jira and have your Jira case number first in the commit message, add the following to gerrit.config to get links when viewing change sets:

[commentlink "jira"]
    match = "^([A-Z]*-[0-9]*)"
    link = http://jira/browse/$1

Some supported commit message formats (paste into Rubular to test):

  • PRJ-123: This is my commit message
  • ABC-123 - Something: Yes yes
  • PROJ-123
  • ABCD-123 - Message

For more examples, see the Gerrit documentation on Section commentlink

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