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I'm building a site where page content is loaded via ajax. I have everything working other than a quirk with Chrome and Safari. It is working with IE even!

The quirk is that when the page content loads and is longer than the index page height, scroll bars does not apear in either Chrome or Safari.

I found this (only in chrome page wont resize after Ajax load) but the fix he made does not help.

Any ideas?

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There is an answer in the stack page you mentioned: @Paul Tomblin. I don't know whether or not it is the answer of that question, but I guess (95%) that it's the answer of your question.

Suppose your content is in a class named ajax_content; you should run this code when the ajax request completes:


This code assures that all divs, spans, etc. with the ajax_content class will be resized. Remember that the ajax_content class should have the scroll: auto; attribute.

If you want to resize the whole page, you can use the answer I mentioned on that page:

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