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after a long Internet search I would like to ask you the following question.

We are using Jenkins for building and unit testing of a simulation code which is written in C++.

This works very well. After looking into fitnesse and robotframework I am still not able to run the following test problems.

My program is a command line program which reads some input file and computes some output data. (e.g. simcode.exe -j input##.inp --> output.dat)

I am looking for a way that I can create a test suite via a web interface. Meaning I provide for each test case a input file and some reference output data and the test suite is than executed after a successful build out of Jenkins. Based on the results of the difference between output data and reference output data, a xml file should be created which can be given to Jenkins. This xml file should hold information about all the test case results (e.g. successful or not).

The information of the xml file should be displayed in Jenkins again.

I looking for an approach where I do not need to compile any library to my program.

I would be very thankful for any hint which explains how to achieve that with the RobotFramework. (Is it even possible ?)

Thanks in advance!

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Robot Framework is a test automation tool... you can do many different things with that...

I don't really understand what you mean with the test suite via a web interface... but in general the functionality you describe seems that can be done with RobotFramework...

In Brief

You can create a Test Suite that can have many Test Cases for example you could have onef or every input file you want to check!

The OperatingSystem Build In Library has the Keyword Run, that you can probably use or if you are running the commands remotely you can use the Execute Command from the optional SSHLibrary

For Every Test Case you could create a step that runs the command and another one that verifies the output file against what you expected. If they match the Test Case is marked as Pass, else it is marked as Fail...

RobotFramework can produce for every Test Suite that you run a log and report file that are in html format.

Jenkins and Hudson have a plugin for RobotFramework that you can use to display these output files in a very nice way! i.e. How many Test Cases have Passed/Failed

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