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I have a custom Wizard, defined as follows:

        <form wicket:id="form" class="wizard">
            <span class="wizardoverview" wicket:id="overview"/>

            <div class="wizardheader" wicket:id="header"/>
            <div wicket:id="view" class="wizardpage"/>
            <span wicket:id="feedback"/>

            <div class="buttons">
                <span wicket:id="buttons"/>

The wizardpage is in this case a Panel with its own form. This form contains a new Panel, which in turn contains a GridView. The GridView contains a set of Panels, which each contain a FormComponentFeedbackBorder, which in turn contains input TextFields.


So we have this:


When TextField fails validation, no feedback is rendered at all. If I add a FeedbackPanel to the GridContainingPanel the error messages are rendered, but FormComponentFeedbackBorder renders nothing.

Any pointers as to what can be wrong?

I had a similar problem with a ListView instead of GridView, but that problem was resolved when I set listView.setReuseItems(true);

Is there a similar setting for GridView, or is there a different solution to this problem?

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You need to go deeper :) No, seriously, all I can think of is that GridView has its own setItemReuseStrategy-method. – rotsch Nov 10 '11 at 14:47
That was it: gridView.setItemReuseStrategy(new ReuseIfModelsEqualStrategy()); solved the problem. – DKIT Nov 10 '11 at 15:19
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That was it:

gridView.setItemReuseStrategy(new ReuseIfModelsEqualStrategy()); 

solved the problem.

Thanks, rotsch.

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