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I have a header row which has this structure:


If you look at the attachement, you will notice that all the headers with this structure are aligned.

Well, when a specific header is clicked for "sorted" status, the structure will be like:

                 <div> //with a background image

Well, in IE8 this sorted column is no longer aligned (see the screenshot please).

I've tried a lot to put some css style (position:relative, etc) to the table inside the span to fix the alignment in IE8 but I failed..

Is here any css guru which can suggest a fix?

Please note that I can NOT change this structure (its some generated code from ICEfaces library) but I can apply css attributes (if I know where...).

Also, there is no css difference (some specific important style) to the sorted column applied. Just plain table inside that span.


enter image description here

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can you post a live sample? – easwee Nov 10 '11 at 14:50
That is the issue: it's an intranet application.. – Cristian Boariu Nov 10 '11 at 14:50
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Check the vertical-align property, maybe. Here, judging by the screencap, it seems to be in default mode, 'baseline'. (I'm not sure it will do much, though)

Try : th.stuff { vertical-align:top; } or : th.stuff { vertical-align:middle; }

Also you could make all th slightly higher and gain somme padding to align the content. I think the problem, overall; commes from the select that appears in the th, inside the table.

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You were almost right...I put vertical-align: bottom to the th (if I put top the distance of misalignment becomes double) and now it's solved, thanks! – Cristian Boariu Nov 10 '11 at 15:04

You can use IE specific style sheets. They are known as conditional style sheets.

The idea of course would be to change the CSS for that element for IE only (because it does work already with other browsers).

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