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I have been trying all afternoon to get the jQuery Sifr Plugin (http://jquery.thewikies.com/sifr/) to work, without success. The plugin's site has limited documentation and for something so apparently easy, I'm sure I must be nearly there. I also found some info at http://www.eona.com/sifr/ but I think it's for an older version of the plugin.

I have made my own font files using the online Sifr Generator (http://www.sifrgenerator.com/) and also on my own using Flash CS4 and neither seem to work.

Here's my code:

		path: 'http://**.com/js/',
		save: true

	$('.pageInfo h1').sifr({
		font: 'soho',
		debug: true

Now, the "save: true" is not in the docs for this plugin but I did find it elsewhere on the plugin's site, the funny thing is, that without it, nothing happens but with it included, all I get is the default "Rendered with sIFR3" message instead of the text of my element.

The plugin's site also says "It supports sIFR version 2 and version 3 fonts.", what does this mean? Could my font files be in the newer v3 type?

I would really appreciate any and all help.

Thank you in advance

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Here I Am!

Sorry for delay. :)

You must specify at least build and version.

Here's a sample:

    build: 436,
    version: 3,
    path: 'http://**.com/js/',
    save: true
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I had the same issue using the jQuery plugin (which uses sIFR 3 now), for me it was that the pre-published swf's were < version 436 - specifically fonts from sifrvault. Likely your font needs to be re-published, grab the ttf and use OpensIFRr.


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Have you tried skipping the font option and passing a direct reference to the swf (including the .swf file extension) to the path option? I experimented with that plugin just a few weeks ago I think that may have been necessary to get things started.

YMMV, but my experience was that many odd little bugs crept in w/ the plugin and it's was far less frustrating (plus just as easy and performant) to run a normal sifr.replaceElement inside your document(ready) code using the official sIFR 2.0.7 release from http://wiki.novemberborn.net/sifr/.

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I don't believe the jQuery plugin is compatible with sIFR 3 (which I would recommend you use anyway).

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I think you may be right. I will persevere a little more, but I think, to be honest, sifr3 must be the way to go. – Zander Apr 30 '09 at 19:54
It is compatible now however. From the jquery sifr recent news page 'I'm proud to finally released the jQuery sIFR Plugin v3.0.4. It supports sIFR version 2 and version 3 fonts. It can intelligently resize sIFR fonts on window resize. ' – willdanceforfun Nov 17 '09 at 2:14
It's not an exact port, however. sIFR 3 initialization has quite a few complicated steps that, last time I looked, where simply ignored in the jQuery plugin. – Mark Wubben Nov 18 '09 at 21:18

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