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I have the following classes, they are bit simplified for example.

class LineInfo

class SuspendLinesVM{
    public List<LineInfo> Lines{ get;set; }

I receive SuspendLinesVM in my action and all Lines are created dynamicaly from client. Each element that belongs to concrete LineInfo in form has name with template 'lineid{Id}_ElementName'. So they comes to me in form like:







When some error occures while validation, I need a way to set the failed property as it came in request to highlight invalid fields in the view.

I left questions where I got confused.

 public class LineInfoValidator: AbstractValidator<LineInfo>
        public LineInfoValidator()
            RuleFor(m => m.LineNumber)
                .NotEmpty().WithMessage("Line # is required").OverridePropertyName( ??? ) 
                .InclusiveBetween(1, 9999).WithMessage("Line # must be in range [1, 9999]").OverridePropertyName( ??? )

I need a way to do something like *(instance, propertyName) => return string.format('lineid_{0}_{1}', instance.Id, propertyName)*.

Any ideas ?

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Given that you're using FluentValidator, you should be able to set the collection validator on the SuspendedLinesVM object like so:

public class SelectedLinesVMValidator : AbstractValidator<SelectedLinesVM>
    public SelectedLinesVMValidator()
        RuleFor(x=>x.Lines).SetCollectionValidator(new LineInfoValidator());

If you do this, then as per the documentation you will get back a collection of errors which relate to the index of the failed property.

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That's correct. But in your case for all LineInfo in my collection, each property name will be identical like 'LineNumber', 'SubAccountNumer' and so on. The View will not distinguish to which LineInfo an error belongs, and will not render errors at all, because property name must be like 'lineid0001_LineNumber'. If only it were so easy :) –  Madman Nov 10 '11 at 20:44
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Resolved with 'WithState' method. Thanks to Jeremy! His solution is here http://fluentvalidation.codeplex.com/discussions/278892

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