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I'm building a queue-based system to scale user-uploaded images.

Users will upload images which will get transferred to a storage server. The web server will then add a message to a queue which will be listened to by image scaling workers that will retrieve the image files, scale them and add them to the storage server.

I was planning on using celery over rabbitmq for this, but my web tier will be running PHP so for convenience I'd rather find a PHP way of doing this.

What suggestions do people have?

If it came to it (although I don't want to complicate the web tier by having python and PHP) how easy would it be to control celery from PHP, and how would I do that? Some kind of RPC protocol (like thrift?) or something simpler since celery needn't be on a different server?

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I made the Celery-PHP library and it works smoothly for a few months now.

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I'll just use thrift to allow me to invoke python from php, and use python with celery.

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