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I'm trying to execute an ioctl call on a system with only bash and primitive base utilities.

Is there any way to execute arbitrary ioctl command (if the params are simply integers) to a specific device file in /dev in shell script, without writing C / perl / python programs? Something like "magic_ioctl /dev/console 30 1 2" which would calls "ioctl(open("/dev/console"), 30, 1, 2);".

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you could see whether your driver has a sysfs interface. –  sehe Nov 10 '11 at 16:03
Seems like you could write a trivial C program to do this. –  Sorpigal Nov 21 '11 at 16:11
Being able to issue ioctl calls in, for example, init scripts on embedded devices (no perl/python), without having to deal with cross-compilation/deployment of a C program (just one line in the script!) would be really handy. Did you manage to get any further with this? –  anthony-arnold Feb 24 at 2:29

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Why you reject perl/c/python solutions ? You can made this by perl one-liner like this: perl -e require "sys/ioctl.ph"; ioctl(...);

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