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Possible Duplicate:
What format is this?

How do i retrieve this one. I'm not sure if this is json or whatever this is called.


I want to get the and the How would I do that one?

This are dynamic values so it is not always like "" or ""

Thanks, anyhelp would be greatly appreciated and rewarded. :)

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This content is serialized, likely using serialize, therefore you can "unwrap" it using unserialize (don't know how de- serialize didn't come to mind in development, but hey):

$contents = unserialize($serialized);
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It's PHP serialized data . To unserialize, use : unserialize()

to get the data.

To be more precise :

$myData = 'a:2:{i:0;s:13:"";i:1;s:11:"";}';
$data = unserialize($myData);
$firstEMail = $data[0];
$secondEMail  = $data[1];
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