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I am not a Perl programmer. I was just asked to install a Perl program and followed only the instruction given to me. And I got the following error:

This perl hasn't been configured and built properly for the threads module to work. (The 'useithreads' configuration option hasn't been used.)

Having threads support requires all of Perl and all of the XS modules in the Perl installation to be rebuilt, it is not just a question of adding the threads module. (In other words, threaded and non-threaded Perls are binary incompatible.)

If you want to the use the threads module, please contact the people who built your Perl.

How to do I fix this error? I am using hostgator dedicated server - Linux.

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You can certainly compile your own perl binary. Look to building your own with thread support. I'd use perlbrew . In this way you won't affect the current installation in any way.

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Your program is likely using automake to build/configure its source. And since you mentioned having an HG dedicated server, chances are you're running CentOS. It's worth attempting this workaround:

  1. Use a text editor to open file /usr/share/automake-1.11/Automake/
  2. Search or locate line: our $perl_threads = 1;
  3. Change 1 to 0 so it looks like this: our $perl_threads = 0;
  4. Re-run the installation steps for your scripts

Hopefully that helps.

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Thanks, this helped me. – Ibrahim Azhar Armar Sep 26 '14 at 12:57

The program you're trying to install evidently uses the threads module, which the version of Perl you have doesn't support. I see three options for you:

  • Tell the person who gave you the program that you need a version that doesn't use threads.
  • Tell your hosting provider that you need a different Perl binary. (This is what the error message tells you to do.)
  • Run the program somewhere else, on a system that has a compatible Perl.
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No need to bother the hosting company if you can install perlbrew. – friedo Nov 10 '11 at 17:40

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