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I need to create a function that returns the current IP address of the phone.

I found this (but it is only for when the phone is conntected to the WiFi -- I need the address even if it is connected via 3G)

Further, once I have the IP address, I'd like to find the country that it's from.

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Try looking for one of the other adapters, "en0" is the wifi card, try "en1"

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You need pdp_ip0 instead of en0.

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will pdp_ip0 include both wirless and 3G or only 3G ? –  user1036183 Nov 10 '11 at 18:55
Only 3G. You need to get them separately. But you can reuse the code, just add parameter and call the method twice once with en0 and once with pdp_ip0. –  Jef Nov 10 '11 at 19:10

Mapping IP address -> country isn't going to work. Specifically, if the phone is connected to any consumer WiFi base station, it is almost guaranteed that said base station is using NAT (network address translation) to share a single IP amongst connected devices. I.e. you'll see IP addresses that start with 10.0.##.## or 192.168.1.##.

You have to contact an external server to figure out what IP address your device is potentially hiding behind.

Lots of info here (though I know nothing about the company running this).

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