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I am trying to split a string like :"ThisIsA STRING"

I want it splitted like this :"This Is A STRING"

My current regex gives me the following result :"This Is A S T R I N G"

$filname_desc = preg_replace('/([a-z0-9])?([A-Z])/','$1 $2',$filname_desc);

Is it possible to modify the regex to only split if the following character is a lowercase?

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it absolutely is! –  Code Jockey Nov 10 '11 at 16:34

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php> $str = "ThisIsA STRING"
php> echo preg_replace('/([a-z])([A-Z])/','$1 $2', $str)
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$filname_desc = preg_replace('/([a-z0-9]+)?([A-Z]+)/','$1 $2',$filname_desc);
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Use a Lookahead:

$filname_desc = preg_replace('/([a-z0-9])(?=[A-Z])/','$1 ',$filname_desc);

[a-z0-9] matches only if it is followed by [A-Z].


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Remove the '?' symbol between the brackets.

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