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I had downloaded 2 samples from Xamarin, GoogleMaps and MapsDemo.

  • The first one implements a java class to work with GoogleMaps and works fine but when i want to manipulate this code, it doesnt work at all.

  • The second one shows an error from the library mono.Android.GoogleMaps and says "Assembly not available for Mono for Android 2.2(in Mono2.10)", and i was researching through internet and the only thing that i found was that i have to downgrade to 1.9.2 but i want to work with the latest version, so how can i resolve this?

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Mono for Android 1.9.2 is the most current version. There is no such thing as "Mono for Android 2.2".

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but if want to develop with the latest verison how can i do? –  arkmetal Nov 17 '11 at 19:38
actually today the latest downloadable monodroid version is 2.2 without googlemaps bindings android.xamarin.com –  D_Guidi Nov 23 '11 at 12:17

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