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I have a field with names and some of them have a trailing space and letter (middle initial...) at the end that I am trying to remove using find and replace in Microsoft Access 2010.


Doe John A -> Doe John
Doe Jane B -> Doe Jane

Is this possible using "find and replace" in Microsoft Access?

I was able to look through the following Access tutorials but can't figure out how to get it to only remove them from the END of the field/string:

My current find-and-replace will remove the entire string (because of the asterisk but without the asterisk - nothing is found) not just the trailing space and letter!

Find and Replace with Microsoft Access

I think I am missing a "$" somewhere to tell it to only look at the end of the string but cannot get it to work without deleting the entire string from the field.

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I don't think that find & replace dialog is sophisticated enough for what you want to do. You could use a regular expression in VBA code, which should be a close match to what you want. However this could be easy with SQL.

To display all of name_field except for the final space plus letter:

SELECT Left(name_field, Len(name_field)-2)
FROM MyTable
WHERE name_field Like "* [a-z]";

To actually discard the space plus letter from name_field:

SET name_field = Left(name_field, Len(name_field)-2)
WHERE name_field Like "* [a-z]";
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