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I have a method called Rotate and I am calling it from another method as follows:

Rotate method as defined:

method TMakerGraphic.Rotate(var pts:array of Point; pcnt,xc,yc:integer);

Calling it from another method as follows:

method TMakerLine.GetDynamicBounds(var r:Rectangle);
  pts:array[1..2] of Point;
  with bounds do
    pts[1].x := left;
    pts[1].y := top;
    pts[2].x := right;
    pts[2].y := bottom;

    if Active then
      r := bounds;
      with r do
        midx := ((right - left) div 2) + left;
        midy := ((bottom - top) div 2) + top;
      Rotate(var pts,2,midx,midy);    <<<<============= Here is where it raises the error

It raises an error, "There is no overloaded method 'Rotate' with these parameters." I checked to make sure the parameters and method calls were correct and I think they are, but it is raising this error. I don't understand why.

Thanks in advance,

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This error is because the array of Point type is a Unbound array and the array[1..2] of Point is a Bound array, so you are passing different types, to fix the issue declare the pts variable as a array of Point and then using New you can set the size of the array.

Check this sample

  pts:array of Point;
  with bounds do
    pts:= New Point[2];
    pts[0].x := left;
    pts[0].y := top;
    pts[1].x := right;
    pts[1].y := bottom;
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@ RRUZ , Fantastic. Works great. Thank you, but I do have a quick question. By creating new points within methods that will be called pretty frequently like 100 times a second maybe, are you going to run out or leak memory. I understand it is a local variable and thus gets destroyed everytime the program leaves the method. –  ThN Nov 10 '11 at 18:55
The garbage collector of .Net will handle the memory release for you, so don't worry about that –  RRUZ Nov 10 '11 at 20:26

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