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As part of our Continuous Integration builds, I'd like the build to fail if a Visual Studio solution is using two different versions of the same dll. We are using Jenkins for CI and MSBuild.exe to build our product.

I know that this can be accomplished via C# code, but I'm trying to avoid that. I'd prefer to use something built into MSBuild or MSBuild Community Tasks or a built in command line executable like FC.exe. I've looked at FC.exe and it outputs text that says

FC: no differences encountered

and I suppose I can direct the output to a file and then parse that file, but that seems hacky at best.

Is there an elegant way to do this?

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Nevermind...I just executed FC.exe within MSBuild and I noticed that it returns an error code of 1 when the files do not match. Problem solved!

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You could invoke powershell via MSBuild (I think the community tasks have a cmdlet execution task) and leverage the Compare-Object cmdlet.

Jenkins has a PowerShell module as well that you could use.

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