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Hello I wan't to know how can I set up a bean so that it sets the ScatteredAquireTask to "True".

I've been trying:

<bean id="c3p0Props" class="com.mchange.v2.resourcepool.BasicResourcePool.ScatteredAcquireTask" >
<property name="USE_SCATTTERED_ACQUIRE_TASK" value="true" />

I also tried ...resourcepool.experimental.useScatteredAcquireTask... didn't worked. I'm not sure how can I set this on spring. I'm using, can't go to 0.9.2.prep1 at the moment. Thanks.

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That's because USE_SCATTTERED_ACQUIRE_TASK isn't a property of the ScatteredAcquireTask class (i.e. there's no method called setUSE_SCATTTERED_ACQUIRE_TASK), it's an internal static field of the class that's not accessible to Spring.

You're not going to be able to set that values in a Spring bean defintion, you need to find out how to influence that value by some other means.

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Thanks for your help. –  link_boy Nov 10 '11 at 21:42

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