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Heads up I am very new to Java, 2 days experience so far. I am trying to require my program to show my login form, which is a separate class, and show my main application after authentication is validated. The login class has a isAuth() method that returns a boolean.

So, in netbeans the main app generates the application in 4 stages shown by the following.

@Override protected void startup() {
    show(new login()); // loads frame only...

    show(new Snap_multitabletestView(this));

 * This method is to initialize the specified window by injecting resources.
 * Windows shown in our application come fully initialized from the GUI
 * builder, so this additional configuration is not needed.
@Override protected void configureWindow(java.awt.Window root) {

 * A convenient static getter for the application instance.
 * @return the instance of Snap_multitabletestApp
public static Snap_multitabletestApp getApplication() {
    return Application.getInstance(Snap_multitabletestApp.class);

 * Main method launching the application.
public static void main(String[] args) {
    //my guess is login logic would go here?        
    launch(Snap_multitabletestApp.class, args);

So, essentially I am having a hard time figuring out the syntax for keeping the main app locked/hidden until the login has been verified.

Thank you for the assistance!

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My suggestion would be to design the program such that your "main program" has no user interface at all.

When it launches the application launches a log on screen and waits until that screen returns. (Maybe look up threads and the join operation). Once the screen returns, if successful it launches your other GUI, otherwise it quits or re-opens the logon screen with an error.

A quick pseudocode walkthrough....
main launches -> Creates new thread that shows Logon GUI -> main thread joins the GUI thread -> GUI thread exits with return code set -> main thread checks return code for success/failure -> proceed to real GUI if successful -> re-open logon otherwise.

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On startup do you have to show both the screens? You can show the login screen and on proper authentication you can enable/show the other screens.

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No, It currently displays 2 windows now, and I only want the login screen displayed on startup, and with authentication the login will close and launch the main application. –  m3.0 Nov 10 '11 at 19:08

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