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What is the best way to maintain a static cache on an Android device?

For example, say I have the look-up tables Type and Category - these two tables will rarely change....but if they do, they must be refreshed.

How can I store this data in some sort of cache on an Android device, while still updating them when something changes on the server? Seeing as they rarely change, I would like to minimize the amount of data being sent/received from the device.

Note - there are more look-up tables than this, I am just using two as an example.

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Create A singleton instance of static HashTable/HashMap and store objects which contains data to populate screens ( Like primitive, pojo ,collections ect ) and a flag as well which will notify whether that value is being refreshed . set this value when you read any change from server . update with fresh value .

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HashTable is already synchronized. If you are using either that or a synchronized wrapper around HashMap then unless you need exclusive access to the map then ConcurrentHashMap is better. Here's a performance graph for example: javamex.com/tutorials/concurrenthashmap_scalability.shtml –  Gray Nov 10 '11 at 20:11

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