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I have a few decorator classes that have references to 3 different objects. Based on the attributes of the 3 objects, I am going to modify the object that is being decorated on. Since most examples I've seen on the decorator pattern just show really basic things like tacking on a string, but never really doing any logic processing, I am left wondering if I am using the decorator pattern appropriately.

For example, in the befanvalidator, I would modifying a variable that was initialized in the abstract Layout class.

Any thoughts if this approach seems ok?

enter image description here

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Well, it's not really a decorator; a decorator probably shouldn't alter the class that it's decorating. That doesn't make the approach wrong, it just sounds like it's more of... a strategy, maybe, based on some arbitrary criteria, and the end result is the modification of the "decorated" object.

A pure decorator would modify what the Validators/Creative sees, but not the underlying object. At least that's the way I understand the decorator concept.

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