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I have a MVC3 app that is calling a WCF Service Application. The WCF Service App has its own web.config file (comes when you create the project automatically). In this .config I added an appSetting section with key to retrieve.

When I run the MVC app and it calls the WCF svc and the svc cannot see this appsettings value. If I move the appSettings section over to the MVC web.config the service application sees the value.

I would expect this from a calling application if it were a Winform or client based application calling a DLL but not where I have 2 separate apps where I actually want separate configuration files.

For example, I want to configure unity in my web services to perform dependency injection. I don't want the calling web application to know or have to define these values. The service should have them.

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How is the WCF service being called and where is it hosted? It should definitely be using its own config. –  David Brainer-Banker Nov 10 '11 at 19:24
I am running this fromm within Visual Studio at this time, so the service and the MVC app are both running through Cassini/default web server with VS 2010. The service has its own static port to run under....I'm stumped I thought it should be using its own config too. –  Jay Nov 10 '11 at 19:34
I am not 100% on what is going on without seeing the exact setup, but if you publish your WCF and run it with IIS instead of VS 2010 I doubt you will see any issues. –  David Brainer-Banker Nov 10 '11 at 20:47

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The issue I had was with the Unity configuration in the MVC app. Originally I had been pointing at a class library for my services layer, I swapped this over to use WCF. When I did this I left in the old type registrations which unity resolved and caused it to look at the new WCF project (same namespaces/class names) as a class library instead of using the endpoints that I registered.

Ripped out those specific class registrations leaving just the interfaces and endpoints and it worked like a charm.

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