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I am generating XML in my c#, when I have few empty tags for example,

 new XElement("TransLogID", "")

some of those gets rendered as


while some of those gets rendered as


What controls when the tags will be expanded and when not? How can I force them to be in a behavior I want?

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I think you are mistaken.

Root.Add(new XElement("TransLogID1", ""));
Root.Add(new XElement("TransLogID2"));

will give


Both elements will have empty Elements/Nodes collections, the subtle difference is that the TransLogID2 will have IsEmpty=true.

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If your content is an empty string (new XElement("TransLogID", "")), it will render as


But if it is null (new XElement("TransLogID", null)), it will render as


Are you sure you're always generating the nodes the same way?

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