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When I try to clone my mongo database from other machine, I see the following on client

{ "errmsg" : "query failed staging.system.namespaces", "ok" : 0 }

and on server I see

Thu Nov 10 11:29:01 [conn10] assertion 10057 unauthorized db:staging lock type:-1 client: ns:staging.system.namespaces query:{}

How can I resolve this issue?

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I was able to just resolve this error by querying the PRIMARY host in a replicaSet, rather than the SECONDARY.

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This solved a similar issue I had, thanks! – sandstrom Jul 8 '14 at 22:49

That error seems a lot like this one where an error is thrown because copyDatabase() ... which cloneDatabase() uses ... requires Admin privileges. In that case the user is using a hosted MongoDB instance where they didn't have admin privileges.

You can see some more about how to use the copyDatabase() command here and here.

So, for example if you are using -auth a username/password you'll need to run the copyDatabase() command like this:

> db.copyDatabase(from_db, to_db, from_host, username, password);
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You're 100% correct, thanks. – antongorodezkiy Nov 15 '13 at 18:48

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