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I am trying to dynamically create divs in my Rails app through javascript. However, the divs background images are not linking correctly. I know that Rails will search through images for preloaded css files. For instance, in my main css file I simply have

html, body{

However, when I create divs dynamically with the following code.

        $("<div>").addClass("icon").css("background-image", "url(" + this.model.get('icons')[i] + ")").appendTo(this.el);

It doesn't find the images. Do I have to use relative urls such as '/assets/images/...'?

Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks!

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The stylesheets don't work the same way as template files. You need to put a full path in them for images try:

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It turned out that I had to set the background image to

        $("<div>").addClass("icon").css("background-image", "url('/assets/icon_genes.png')").appendTo(this.el);

So apparently, Rails stores all images in just /assets/ as opposed to /assets/images/.

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