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I have a need to secure my WCF service using SSL. The problem I'm running into is that this is a WCF Workflow service, and I can't seem to override the default bindings that it sets up behind the scenes.

There must be something that I'm missing in the configuration file, as whatever I do, the binding always comes back as: BasicHttpBinding_IService at address :

It should be:

These are the bindings and endpoint sections:

    <binding name="basicBinding">
      <security mode="Transport">
        <transport clientCredentialType="None" />
  <service name="MyNamespace.MyService">
    <endpoint address=""
              contract="IService" />

Thanks for any help!

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A few things to try:

  • change the binding to wsHttpBinding and that will force SSL.

  • change clientCredentialType to Certificate.

  • use this example and set the httpsGetEnabled to true:

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Thanks for the reply. I tried these suggestions, and unfortunately none of them worked. However, I did finally got the solution. I'll post it as an answer shortly. –  Shane Nov 11 '11 at 15:54

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