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I'm trying to save an array of values into a MySQL database. Here is my code:

$values = array('jaime','11124583363', '5554625', '312458795','1999-12-02','soldierjesus', 'calle 12', 'carismatica', 'necesito oracion', '1', '1');

$data->create_persons('new_person', $values);

public function create_persons($table, $values)
    $query = ("INSERT INTO $table ('name', 'number_document','phone', 'cell_phone', 'birth_date', 'email',
                        'address', 'other_church', 'pray_request', 'districts_id', 'professions_id') 
                          VALUES('".implode("','", $values).")'") or die(mysqli_error());

    mysqli_query($this->_connection, $query);

The numbers are can't --> ''
How quit this?


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What do you mean by "the numbers are can't"? – Alex Turpin Nov 10 '11 at 19:43


VALUES('".implode("','", $values).")'")


VALUES('".implode("','", $values)."')")

in other words change the ")'" into "')"

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Didn't give it much time, but I think the insert query is wrong here:

`$query = ("INSERT INTO $table ('name', 'number_document','phone', 'cell_phone', 'birth_date', 'email', 'address', 'other_church', 'pray_request', 'districts_id', 'professions_id') VALUES('".implode("','", $values)."')") or die(mysqli_error());`

The ' (single quote) to close the VALUES() was in the wrong place.

Regards, Charlie

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